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Mobile apps are amazing, aren’t they? Even some of the ones that weren’t built by us are pretty good.

But, as much as we love them, we’d be lying to ourselves and you if we said they could do everything. When your users need a clearer view or a little extra functionality, a web app could well be the answer.

Designed and built to run flawlessly within (almost) any normal web browser, these super-handy tools bridge the gap between mobile apps and normal websites perfectly.

Lumico Digital

'Anywhere’ convenience

No phone? No problem. Web apps run natively in internet browsers, and they work exactly as intended whether your users are on Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any of the alternatives. This means they’re also completely operating system-neutral - ready to run on Windows, MacOS or Linux without any installation process.
Lumico Digital

More space to work with

There’s only so much our designers can fit onto a mobile screen before the user experience starts to suffer. Designed with larger laptop and desktop displays in mind, a web app can present more data and features comfortably, giving users everything they need in a single view.
Lumico Digital

A familiar experience

A great user experience is so often a familiar one; that’s why we always design web apps to complement their mobile application and website equivalents. Consistency across branding, functionality and even animations will help to ensure users are comfortable, and that they trust the information and features in front of them.
Lumico Digital

So, while most people associate the term ‘app’ with smartphones and tablets, web apps definitely have their place.

They can be hugely effective when they’re built and implemented properly – and we’re here to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

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