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Keeping up with operating systems

While Apple and Google’s operating systems carry the same foundations from one release to the next, they’re always evolving with user experience in mind. It makes sense, then, that your app follows.

We can keep your product aligned with the newest versions of iOS and Android to ensure it always harnesses the full power of the features available on both platforms. If either change in any way, we’re on top of it.

Fast fixes

We work hard to build watertight apps that run exactly as advertised, but if something does go wrong after launch, we’ll be there to fix it faster than you can say ‘Android Nougat’.

It could be an inconsistency in the back-end system or a hosting issue that has nothing to do with us, we’ll do whatever we can to sort it with minimal disruption for your users.

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We’re not (always) precious

It doesn’t matter whether your app was built by us or someone not quite so amazing – we’re always happy to help keep it in tip-top shape for you. Chat to us now to find out more about the maintenance and support options on offer.