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Humble beginnings

Once the consultation has given us all a rough picture of the end-product, we’ll get the wheels in motion by putting the first wireframe designs together. These are sketches that show potential layouts and how the app’s various screens might interact with each other.

It’s still early, so the plans will look basic on paper, but these first physical designs will help you and us see the potential of what lies ahead. We can then refine until everyone’s on the same page.

A little more detail

Those lo-fidelity drawings will evolve into a polished design that draws on your brand guidelines to show a more complete picture of your application. You’ll see the colours, fonts, logos and imagery – everything that makes an app look the part.

Brand guidelines not up to scratch? No problem. Our design-team superheroes know what they’re doing – they’ll work hard to understand your business’s existing visual identity, and then use it to create something that really resonates with your audience.

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If we build it, they will come

Next up: the build. With everyone’s approval and excitement, we’ll put all of that planning into action. We’ll develop a handful of features at a time so you can see the app working and growing, and then go back through those initial design stages to add more. This way, the project is free to evolve – you’re not tied into anything decided right at the start, meaning your ideas are always relevant and powerful.

It’s inevitable that, by the end, your app will look pretty different to those original sketches, but for all the right reasons. Our design & build approach has been refined over years spent in the industry, and we’ve no doubt it’s the best way to create something truly special.

It’s good to talk, so let’s do this