After all, who’s going to buy a new device just for your software?

In the past, this meant either doing everything twice – at twice the cost – or compromising on the end-product by limiting or even removing incompatible features. Neither option was ideal, but now, things are a little different.

Ultimate efficiency for the best results

We use and trust development tools that allow us to build for the two main platforms simultaneously without losing that native feel craved and expected by mobile users on both sides of the divide. Your app runs exactly how it should – as though it was built specifically for the device and system being used – and it doesn’t take us any longer to develop. For you, that means lower costs and a faster launch. Perfect.

We see this ultra-efficient cross-platform approach as the future of app development, and we’re proud to be one of the few to embrace it early on. After our skills, experience and creativity, it’s just one more reason to work with us on your next project.​


We’re flexible too

Lumico being super-efficient at cross-platform development is great, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be force-sold things you don’t need – that would be a waste of our time and yours.

If the circumstances mean your app will only be used on iOS devices, we can focus our development efforts accordingly. And the same goes for Android. We’re all about solving problems, not selling unnecessary products.

Something to ask us?

So, whatever the project, and whatever the platform, you can be sure we’ll work hard and smart to turn your ideas into something truly special.

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