Cloud power

We’ve long used tools like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud to achieve supercomputer clout without supercomputer costs; they help to ensure the apps we build – and those you bring to us – work exactly as intended.

But even this approach is evolving.

As the technologies available to us grow, we’re embracing new, server-less methods to achieve better performance and convenience for you and your apps. Complicated? A little, but allow us to explain…

The server-less model explained

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Your app’s back-end...

that big database we mentioned – needs somewhere to exist and act when called on.
The cloud has always offered a perfect home, but permanent space on a physical server comes at an often-inefficient cost.

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The server-less models...

now being offered by the major platforms are challenging this inefficiency. Above all, the systems are more reactive: they process data only when they need to – when the app’s user performs an action - and then they sleep the rest of the time.

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What does this mean for you?

Well, it means ultimate scalability, in that you only pay for the time your cloud-powered back-end system is active – i.e. when people are using your app. As your product grows, your resources follow. Oh, and it works in reverse as well, so you’re never too committed.

How Lumico can help

We like making pretty products, and we’re the first to swoon over a super-sleek app, but it’s behind the scenes where our skills are most valuable. Not only are we experts in building databases and interfaces, we know the big cloud platforms inside out, meaning we’re able to harness their incredible power fully on your behalf.

Cloud development is a crucial but complex part of the app-building process, so we expect a few questions. Get in touch today to find out more.​

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