Amazon Web Services (AWS) has long played a crucial role in the work we do for our clients, and we’ve grown to know it extremely well over the last five years. You no longer need to just take our word for it, though, as Lumico Digital is now officially AWS Certified!

Having proved our extensive AWS knowledge to the all-knowing virtual examiners, we’re now able to display a fancy new certification tick on our website. More than a pretty digital badge, though, it shows we have the expertise to design, deploy and operate highly available, cost-effective and secure applications on AWS infrastructure – and in our industry right now, we believe that ability is essential.

As for the details, we’re technically now an Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Aside from being evidence of our cloud platform nous, this status allows us greater access to the wider AWS community and gives us the perfect platform to keep on learning about this crucial and powerful tool. Oh, and we can also get hold of some pretty snazzy AWS merch, just in time for summer.

We’ve been building our AWS knowledge for some time, just by using it daily, and while it certainly took a lot of hard studying, we feel this recognition is a natural next step – and one we’re keen to build on.

Looking forward, we’re committed to developing our skillset so we can keep delivering the best possible products and services to our lovely clients, even as the industry evolves. Watch this space!