IoT in the real world

56295iot applications rsplThe number of devices connected to the internet now exceeds the number of people on the planet. According to analyst firm Gartner there were 8.4 billion devices – or “things” – connected to the internet 5 years ago. In 2023 it predicts the number of internet-of-things (IoT) devices will rise to 23.4 billion worldwide.

And this growth is not only in the home, with devices such as smart TVs, smart fridges and security cameras. Increasingly businesses are connecting devices to the internet and turning them into intelligent assets that can help drive greater efficiencies, increase competitiveness, develop new business models and provide solutions to problems.

As a business professional you’ll be interested in problem solving and finding ways to make your job easier and your operations run smoother.

The IoT is an enabler for all those things and more. Put simply IoT technology is an IT platform that can be connected with a variety of sensors and tracking devices. The solution is configured to gather information and send alerts in real time. This can deliver a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved workflow, use of manpower and optimisation of inventory.
  • Better management of your energy and utilities to reduce costs and operate more sustainably
  • Reduction of unforeseen equipment failure and maintenance issues

The objective of IoT is to have devices that self-report in real-time, bringing key information to your attention and improving efficiency more quickly than a system depending on human intervention can. It makes managing operations more streamlined, reliable and provides actionable insights.

Do I Need It?

Screenshot 2022 11 29 at 11.07.46Once you have it, you’ll wonder what you did without it! If you have a manual process or a metric you wish to track regularly in your operations, then often IoT can step in to help. For instance, if you’re a perishables food distributor and had a temperature sensor in your refrigerated trucks you would get alerts in real time, if one of them was malfunctioning, so saving you wastage of spoiled goods.

Proof of Concept
A proof of concept will help businesses test out the viability of a potential use scenario before investing in a full-scale roll-out.
For a relatively small, fixed upfront cost you can get a trial up and running in a matter of weeks. We will work with you to develop a system specification and a list of desired outcomes. Then after approval our team will design, deploy and monitor the solution through a defined set of sensors, alerts and dashboards.

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