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An informal introduction

To kick things off, we’ll sit together for an hour or two, listen to every idea you’ve ever had (or just the ‘best of’, if you’d prefer) and give feedback when we feel it’s necessary. You can give us your thoughts in any format you like: diagrams, lists, rants, interpretive dance…

This is a two-way thing, too; ask any questions that come to mind, challenge us and use our expertise. We appreciate how big a deal this is, so we want you to feel completely reassured.

With everything out on the table, literally and/or figuratively, we’ll have a better idea of who you are, what you’re trying to achieve and – perhaps most importantly – whether we’re a great fit for each other. If we’re not perfectly matched, we’d certainly rather know before any money is spent – wouldn’t you?

The next steps

Assuming the first date has gone well and we agree to see each other again, we’ll move on to the next stage. This is when we set aside a couple of days to really get stuck into your ideas. And again, this workshop is a two-way thing – we’re working with you not for you.

As well as asking a huge number of tried-and-tested questions, we’ll talk about similar work we’ve done in the past and what’s possible going forward. The goal of all this is to finish up with a roadmap for the journey ahead. That map will inevitably change as the project evolves, but it’s important that we have some solid direction to start.

Lumico Digital
Lumico Digital

So, with all of that in mind… your place or ours?

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