Introducing Inzura…

Inzura is a leading player in the UK insurtech space. Founded in 2015, the company offers cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions and white-label mobile apps that enable insurers to quickly launch innovative telematics-based products.
Inzura’s strategy, according to co-founder Richard Jelbert, is to “help insurers engage with their customers via access to rich data from smartphones.” It is committed to helping insurance providers keep up with fast-changing customer demands, without the expense of having to rip up their legacy systems.

The main objective

Inzura came to Lumico Digital looking for help creating a platform for one of its biggest clients, a major commercial property insurance provider operating in the Asian market.

The main requirement was a micro-site that would support the client’s innovative telematics-based car insurance product. It needed to provide information about the product to policy holders and have the ability to securely capture and store customer data through an in-built web app.

All of this needed to sit on a dedicated domain, separate from the insurance company’s corporate website.

Obstacles to overcome

Platform development is what Lumico Digital is best at, but this particular project came with some unique challenges.

Firstly, the product is aimed at customers in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, so the platform would need to take and store the details of people in all three countries. That meant adhering with different sets of data protection regulations and working in a way that allowed all information to remain in the relevant nation; the data of Malaysian customers couldn’t leave Malaysia, for example.

What’s more, all of this data was spread across databases owned by both Inzura and its client. Ensuring all of it was hosted appropriately while maintaining a slick and consistent interface was a significant challenge for us to overcome.

Our approach

Inzura came to us with a general idea of what it wanted to achieve but was still unsure on many of the details, so our first step was to spend time with its team – and the eventual client – to determine a roadmap. We spent around three months negotiating the specifications, demonstrating how it would all come together and ensuring everyone was ready to move forward into the Design and Build stages.

We then applied an Agile methodology to the Design and Build phases, working closely with Inzura and its client to ensure every development was aligned with the needs and expectations laid out in our early discussions. This meant delivering regular updates and using the feedback received to refine the product as it was being created, rather than after.

Above and beyond

We called on a range of specialist skills and experience to help Inzura achieve its objectives with this project.

Having spent time working in Southeast Asia, and having other clients from that part of the world, we were able to work around the time-zone differences and language barriers without any hesitation.
Our extensive knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services) meant we could help the client with all of its redirection and hosting concerns too; we guided the team through the relevant best practices to make the process as seamless as possible.
Lumico’s streamlined set-up and pragmatic approach meant we could deliver everything at a lower cost than the larger competitors who were also considered for the project.​

The results

It’s fair to say the project has been a big success. At the beginning, we were targeting three main markets: Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Now the platform we’ve built is being rolled out to Indonesia too, with the potential for even more expansion in the future.

And, as handovers go, this one couldn’t have been smoother. Since we delivered the end-product, there’s been no need for any maintenance, fixes or updates; every query raised has been answered by the technical documentation we created to support the platform.​

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