Avoid the Perils of Undetected Water Leaks & Operate More Sustainably

Protect Your Property with IoT Technology
Whether you’re a housing association, a visitor attraction, a hotel or a retailer, water damage to your property and stock from a leaking appliance or hot water tank can be extremely costly for you and disruptive for your tenants, customers or visitors. Many incidents of water damage are a result of a slow build up from small leaks that go undetected for too long. An early warning of a leak can help prevent extensive damage to plaster and paintwork, save spoiling of stock and reduce both the time and cost of repair.

The Solution
Placed under appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, the Water Leak Sensor quickly detects water spillage and sounds an alarm at the premises. Its wireless connection then sends a message to your smartphone, telling you which appliance in which premises or sites has the leak, allowing you to quickly call in your repair company to resolve the issue.

The Benefits
·       Reduce Unforeseen Damage
Water damage to your property from a leaking appliance or hot water tank can be extremely costly for you and disruptive for your tenants, customers and visitors.

·       Keep Insurance Premiums Low
Water damage costs the UK insurance industry £2.5 million per day, so this is a common and costly issue. Demonstrating a preventative measure could vastly reduce your premium.

·       Increase Customer Satisfaction
Whether you’re a housing association or a visitor attraction, minimising the impact of water damage ensures a better experience for your tenants, customers or visitors.

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